Making tools – plastic injection molds

After the accepted project, we started making tools for plastic injection. With the help of a modern machine park, we make tool molds guaranteed with high precision.

The use of materials and standard elements of renowned world manufacturers, such as Meusburger, Hasco, Husky, Thermoplay, Bohler, etc., guarantees the longevity and durability of the mold. Toolmakers perform assembly and testing of the correctness and functionality of the tool with decades of experience.

Making molds according to your request

Plastic injection molding tools can be made of different materials, depending on your needs.

The most common requirements are for molds from the highest quality steel, which provides long-term durability for use in high-volume production. Our plastic injection tools can be made in a wide range of different configurations. We install standard parts from world-renowned manufacturers like Meusburger, Hasco, Cumsa, and Festo. The infusion systems and hot nozzles we use are Husky, Thermoplay. and can be open and closed (with and without a needle).

Are you ready to start your new project?

All you have to do is provide us with a two-dimensional, three-dimensional drawing or an existing sample of your product. We will do the detailed construction and production of the product.

The production of parts according to the specification is directly proportional to the final product’s maximum precision, efficiency, and quality.