Services of the company Ingap doo

We are engaged in precision fabrication of steel structures, design, production of tools, and plastic injection. We respond to the different needs of our clients according to the principle of quick response.

Welded structures and assemblies of large dimensions

The production of high-precision welded structures is our trademark. With the help of experienced welders and modern machines for metal processing of large working strokes, we can meet the most complex requirements.

In addition to welded structures, we make elements of assemblies and subassemblies by processing metal by removing sawdust. Our team members have decades of experience in working with different types of metal processing by removing sawdust, heat treatment, and final anti-corrosion protection and branding.

Design production of tools for injection molding and injection molding of plastic elements

Injection molding of plastic parts is performed on modern machines for plastic injection molding. Some of the types of plastic that we use in the process of injection molding of plastic parts are PP, PA, PS, PC, HDPE, LDPE, ABS… Parts obtained by injection molding of plastic are used in the automotive, medicine, and food industries.

In addition to injection molding of plastic parts, we offer product design, design, and manufacture of plastic injection molding tools.