Car industry

The automotive industry is the primary area of ​​our production activities. We specialize in the production of precision structures of immense dimensions.

Our precision constructions are an integral part of the production lines of all renowned car manufacturers.

In addition to the production of precision structures, we have extensive experience in producing plastic elements of the car assembly, especially plastic elements of small dimensions.

Many years of experience designing tools for plastic injection and production of plastic elements, combined with an understanding of processes and requirements in the automotive industry, gives us flexibility and the ability to meet the most challenging requirements in the field of precision construction and plastic elements automotive components.

Other industries

In addition to the automotive industry, we have experience in all related sectors. Quality requirements and delivery times in the automotive industry have enabled us to meet needs in a wide range of different fields quickly.

If you have a request to produce precision steel structures or plastic elements, send us an inquiry, and we will respond to you in a short time with an offer that includes the optimal price-quality ratio and reasonable time for the production of desired products.