Precise welded constructions and assemblies of large dimensions are our primary activity. Achieving narrow tolerances on welded structures of large sizes is our everyday life. Our precision constructions are an integral part of the production lines of all renowned car manufacturers.

Slabs of all sizes and supporting elements of precision welded constructions such as brackets and heat-treated assembly elements are integral to our production program.

Many years of experience with renowned clients guarantee top quality that meets all Western standards. At the same time, the geographical position allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver with the eastern prices of working hours.

With a vast production capacity, we can create complex projects adhering to the deadlines and requirements of our clients.

Send us an inquiry in the form of a project you have already implemented, and we will give you a budget offer in a short time to compare our prices with the competition.

Test our quality and give us a trial project, and to mutual joy, we will achieve cooperation though which you will significantly optimize your production costs. If we do not meet your requirements, you are not obliged to pay for our services.