INGAP DOO offers outsourcing services in machining, production of plastic injection tools, and

injection molding of plastic elements for different purposes. Many years of experience, high quality, and competitive prices give us an edge over the competition. As your future partners, we guarantee productivity, increased resources, and reduced costs when the necessity arises.


We are engaged in precision fabrication of steel structures, design, production of tools, and injection molding plastic, as well as plastic injection. We respond to different client needs according to the principle of quick response.

Production of steel structures

With the help of experienced welders and modern machines for metal processing of large working strokes, we can meet the most complex requirements.

Design production of tools for injection molding and injection molding of plastic elements

The company INGAP – IMTD is engaged in producing high-quality parts obtained by plastic injection and designing and manufacturing plastic injection tools. We offer a complete cycle of production of plastic parts and increase the reliability of the entire production process. Using state-of-the-art quality control methods ensures that tools and products obtained by injection molding exceed your expectations.


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About us

INGAP DOO is a vertically oriented company that offers a wide range of products and services in machining, production of tools for various purposes, and plastic injection, with the help of strategic partners. INGAP DOO does not have a permanent production program, but we operate on the principle of rapid response to customer needs, which is usually always different and diverse.


Our mission is to support the Serbian economy by engaging small and medium enterprises to produce semi-finished products and products intended for export to European Union countries.


Our vision is to grow into a vertically oriented company with 30 partner companies in Serbia and active representative offices in leading European economies.

“We are obliged to act as people even in the most difficult situation, and there is no such interest, neither national nor individual, which could be an excuse for us to be inhuman.”

Serbian Patriarch Pavle