INGAP DOO is a vertically oriented company that, offers a wide range of products and services in machining, production of tools for various purposes, and plastic injection with the help of strategic partners.

INGAP DOO does not have a permanent production program, but we operate on the principle of rapid response to customer needs, which is usually always different and diverse.

In addition to the domestic market, the company is oriented towards doing business on the global level, emphasizing partners located in the countries of the European Union.

INGAP DOO is focused on constant improvement and optimization of the process. Guided by the principles of Lynn’s six sigma methodology, we strive to achieve top quality and meet deadlines while optimizing the resources spent (machine, material, process, man, time) to reach a competitive market price of our products and services.

Many years of experience with renowned clients guarantee you top-quality products and services that meet all Western standards. At the same time, the geographical position allows us fast and easy delivery with eastern working hour prices. With a vast production capacity, we can create complex projects adhering to the deadlines and requirements of our clients.

Business Name:INGAP DOO BELGRADE-Zvezdara
Statistic number:21376914
Agency code:4676
Current account:160-0000000508774-49

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